Our wide network of Alumni has been the flag bearers of the IIM Kashipur brand, successfully establishing a professional network across industries. The 2000+ alumni of IIM Kashipur, from dynamic managers to CXOs have made their presence felt across India and abroad creating a niche for IIM Kashipur in the Industry.

The Alumni base has been instrumental in the institution-building by providing their valuable feedback and support to different policy-making initiatives here at IIM Kashipur. The alumni base has actively helped us by sharing their rich experiences, providing Live Projects, Internships and Placements.

IIM Kashipur on its part has been critical in ensuring a symbiotic relationship with our alumni. IIM Kashipur has actively associated alumni with initiatives to extend its support to them as and when required. IIM Kashipur provides its alumni with ample networking and career supporting opportunities through various networking events and an active alumni portal.

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) was established to improve relations between alumni, current students, teachers, and other IIM Kashipur family members. As part of institution development, the committee works to cultivate, nurture, and capitalise on the extensive industry exposure and experience of our alumni network.

The Alumni Relations Committee acts as the sole platform to facilitate all forms of interaction with our alumni. To give our Alumni networking opportunities, ARC hosts several events and get-togethers across the cities in India. Through several programmes such as Alumni Mentorship Program, the Al-Speak Guest Lecture series, and Al-Prep Webinar sessions, the committee also persists in helping the current batches.

To help our graduates remain in touch with one another and strengthen their ties to their alma mater, the Alumni Relations Committee has launched the Alumni portal. The committee is presently engaged in several new projects, including establishing an alumni association.


Alumni City Meets provide our alumni with an opportunity to engage with each other at the comfort of their cities in both formal and informal settings. Team ARC assiduously works to reach out to our alumni in facilitating, arranging the meet across different cities in India.


AL-Speak is the alumni guest lecture series while AL-Prep is the alumni webinar series. Prominent alumni of IIM Kashipur are invited to discuss a plethora of topics of both academics and practise. The rich experience of our alumni is shared with the present students to make them industry-ready.


I-Mentorship program is designed to integrate our alumni into the personal mentoring of our present students. Students are mapped to our distinguished alumni based on mutual domain interests. The personal mentoring helps our students in cracking corporate competitions, academic support and career guidance.


SARATHI is the quarterly newsletter published by Team ARC, aimed to keep our alumni updated with happenings at their alma-mater while concurrently apprising our current students of the developments in our alumni community.

It has been the constant endeavour of Team ARC to nurture the pious bond, between our alumni and their alma mater, continuously. The portal with all the modern features provides a seamless connection with engaging user experience. The portal empowers our alumni to make critical decisions in their respective professional careers. The Alumni Portal will also augment the efforts of the Alumni Relations Committee in conducting numerous events, associated with our alumni fraternity throughout the year.

Alumni Relations Committee is in the final phases of setting up an Alumni Association for IIM Kashipur. The association is expected to start functioning tentatively from the academic year 2023.


Prof Rachita Gupta



Student Members 

Aparna Sardar

Arushi Golia

Asim Priyendu

Ayshee Biswas

Nihali Sawant

Raj Rajeshwari Kayan

Rishabh Roychaudhury

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