Industry Workshops


The goal of the industry workshops in the second year of MBA (analytics) is to provide the MBA (Analytics) students at IIM Kashipur a glimpse of the newest data-driven business Practices being deployed in the industry and the economy through directed interactions with Industry practitioners. The industry workshops are intended

  • To bridge students’ experience from internship to final placement and are designed to Ensure that the MBA (analytics) students are provided with enough exposure to Connect classroom learnings to industry practices from different perspectives.
  • To provide students with a practical understanding of the latest developments in Business analytics within different functional areas in the industry.
  • To provide the students with a platform to share their internship experiences and Benefit from mutual knowledge exchanges.


  • The program will offer a total of 4 industry workshops in the second year MBA(Analytics) curriculum in which students must subscribe for minimum two or maximum three industry workshops.
  • Each industry workshop will be a non-credit compulsory component (as per MBAA program structure) for evaluation of CGPA.
  • Each industry workshop will be of 12.5 hours duration (as per MBA program structure). This will be equivalent to 10 classroom contact sessions.
  • Industry workshops will be organized in weekends and in extreme cases it may be extended in weekdays.

Consulting & Strategy

Advanced analytics strategy & consulting: enabling digital transformation


  • Framework to assess Data and Analytics Maturity for a function/ Business
  • Evaluating right Tools, BigData platform and Skills
  • Designing Big Data Projects Governance and Stakeholders Management
  • TDLP Framework to drive organisation wide Big Data Maturity
  • Advanced Analytics project life cycle - Managing Data to insights to action
  • Securing big project sponsorship from CXOs and ensuring ROI to the organisation
  • Capstone project submission


AI-powered precision marketing


  • Learn about the customer journey and various marketing interactions
  • Understand the digital advertising ecosystem & AI levers that are available for precise & contextual targeting
  • Understand channel performance and measure Marketing ROI
  • Learn AI based strategies to engage and retain existing customers

IT & Analytics

Application of statistics and machine learning in solving business problems


  • Understand the different steps of approaching and solving business related problems.
  • Design experiments, collect data, analyze patterns to identify key areas.
  • Build algorithms to predict, estimate important aspects of the real-life situation

Introduction to data science & machine learning


  • Understand what Data Science is
  • Understand the Data Science Life Cycle
  • Understand the role of data analytics in a business organization
  • Python based supervised learning – Financial Sector Case Study I
  • Python based unsupervised learning – Financial Sector Case Study II
  • Analytics: Risk Management – Governance & Controls

Industry Experts

  • Shiv Kumar, Schlumberger
  • Tirthankar Choudhuri, American Express
  • Jayanta Kumar pal, Zendrive technologies
  • Sandeep Gupta, JP Morgan chase