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Associate Professor
Chair - Doctoral Program

Operations Management & Decision Sciences


Sabyasachi Patra is an Associate Professor in the Operations Management & Decision Sciences (OM&DS) area at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial & Management Engineering from the Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur. Currently, he serves as the Chairperson of the Doctoral Programme at IIM Kashipur. Previously, he served as the Chairperson of the MBA (Analytics) program at IIM Kashipur. He teaches a variety of courses, including Business Statistics, Mathematical Foundations, Advanced Data Analysis, and Multivariate Data Analysis in the MBA programmes and Probability Theory, Experimental Design & Survey, Fundamentals of Machine Learning, Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, and R Programming for Data Analysis in the Doctoral Programme. 

He has published his research in journals such as the International Journal of Production Research, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Expert Systems with Applications, and Computers and Industrial Engineering, among others. His main research interests lie in business analytics, machine learning, and regression modeling.

  • Singh, A. K., Pathak, D. K., & Patra, S. (2023). An integrated systems thinking approach for achieving sustainability in project-based organizations. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 40(3). 
  • Sanguri, K., Patra, S., & Punia, S. (2023). Forecast reconciliation in the temporal hierarchy: Special case of intermittent demand with obsolescence. Expert Systems with Applications, 218. 
  • Sanguri, K., Patra, S., Nikolopoulos, K., & Punia, S. (2023). Intermittent demand, inventory obsolescence, and temporal aggregation forecasts. International Journal of Production Research. 
  • Sanguri, K., Shankar, S., Punia, S., & Patra, S. (2022). Hierarchical container throughput forecasting: The value of coherent forecasts in the management of ports operations. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 173. 
  • Koshta, N., Patra, S., & Singh, S. P. (2022). Sharing economic responsibility: Assessing end user’s willingness to support E-waste reverse logistics for circular economy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 332. 
  • Devi, Y., Patra, S., & Singh, S. P. (2022). A location-allocation model for influenza pandemic outbreaks: A case study in India. Operations Management Research, 15(1–2). 
  • Koshta, N., Devi, Y., & Patra, S. (2021). Aerial Bots in the Supply Chain: A New Ally to Combat COVID-19. Technology in Society, 66. 
  • Koshta, N., Patra, S., & Singh, S. P. (2021). Estimation of E-waste at micro level for reverse logistics: A case of Delhi. Journal of Cleaner Production, 314. 
  • Gumparthi, V. P., & Patra, S. (2020). The Phenomenon of Brand Love: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Relationship Marketing, 19(2). 
  • Sanguri, K., Bhuyan, A., & Patra, S. (2020). A semantic similarity adjusted document co-citation analysis: a case of tourism supply chain. Scientometrics, 125(1). 
  • Samal, A., Patra, S., & Chatterjee, D. (2020). Impact of culture on organizational readiness to change: context of bank M&A. Benchmarking, 28(5). 
  • Chatterjee Devjani, & Patra Sabyasachi. (2014). Identifying the Need and Implementing the Change Process Through Collaborative Decision Making. Journal of Organisation & Human Behaviour, 3. 
  • Patra, S., Shanker, K., & Kundu, D. (2008). Sparse maximum margin logistic regression for credit scoring. Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, ICDM.

MBA level courses: Business Statistics, Business Analytics, Advanced Data Analysis, Data Visualization,  Mathematical Foundations, Data Science with R, Exploratory Data Analysis, Multivariate Data Analysis

PhD level courses: Probability Theory, Experimental Design & Survey, Fundamentals of Machine Learning, Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, R Programming for Data Analysis,  Design and Analysis of Complex Survey,  Statistical Data Mining, Statistical Computing, Quantitative Research Methods

  • Chairperson, Doctoral Programme (July 2023 – )
  • Chairperson, MBA (Analytics) Programme (July 2020 – June 2022)
  • Chairperson, Admissions (May 2018 – May 2019)
  • Chairperson, Operations Management & Decision Sciences Area (July 2022 – June 2023,  March, 2016 – June 2020

PhD: Industrial & Management Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Masters: Production Engineering, Jadavpur University
Bachelors: Production Engineering, Jadavpur University

Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Regression Modelling