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Assistant Professor & Area Chairperson
Chairperson - Admissions



Prof Maiti’s core areas of research are Applied Microeconomics and Applied Econometrics. Major components of his expertise are demand estimation and impact evaluation of government and business policies, using econometric methods. One of his peer reviewed works estimates demand for labor in the United States and its regional heterogeneity. This is the first study to investigate the spatial dimension of this issue. The findings of this study are being used for policymaking purposes in the USA (for example, the findings are being used to study traffic congestion in the city of Los Angeles). Another of his peer reviewed original research papers deals with evaluating the impact of a law change on individual level educational and labor market outcomes. For these projects he worked with high volume data from the United States (for example, one of the projects used 50 years of individual level Census data).

Prof Maiti has carried out consultancy projects for Government of India (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Panchayati Raj), Government of Uttarakhand (India), and Council on Energy, Environment and Water (India). His consulting assignments focus on demand estimation, impact evaluation, and econometric analysis of data. His academic research papers have been published in reputed peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Regional Science, International Review of Law and Economics, Journal of Business and Economics Perspectives, and World Cultures eJournal.

Prof Abhradeep Maiti holds a PhD in Economics from Middle Tennessee State University (USA) and a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Oklahoma (USA).

  • Maiti, A. (2022). Impact of COVID-19 on individual income in tourism and hospitality industry in India: A difference-in-differences approach. Tourism Economics,
  • Maiti, A. (2022). Heterogeneous impact of COVID-19 pandemic on individual income across industries. Applied Economics Letters, 1-8,
  • Maiti, A., 2021. Effect of corporal punishment on young children’s educational outcomes. Education Economics, pp.1-13.
  • Maiti, A., & Indra, D. (2016). Regional variations in labor demand elasticity: Evidence from US counties. Journal of Regional Science, 56(4), 635-658.
  • Maiti, A., Majumder, A., & Homaifar, G. (2015). Purchasing power parity under flexible exchange rate regime in Bangladesh. Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, LXII(1), 7-22. 
  • Maiti, A. (2015). Effect of joint custody laws on children's future labor market outcomes. International Review of Law and Economics, 43, 22-31.
  • Eff, E. A., & Maiti, A. (2013). A measure of technological level for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample. World Cultures eJournal, 19(1).

Number Name Programme
1 Microeconomics MBA, MBA (WX)
2 Applied Econometrics for Managers MBA
3 Advanced Microeconomics 1 PhD
4 Advanced Econometrics PhD
5 Labor Economics PhD


2020: Evaluation of Central Sector Schemes of MPEDA. Client: The Marine Products Export Development Authority, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India 
2019: Impact Assessment Study of Interest Equalisation Scheme on Export Promotion and Its Further Continuation, for Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
2018: One Decade of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA: Participatory Assessment and Way Forward, for National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.
2018: Government of Uttarakhand, India: Uttarakhand Economic Survey 2017.
2017: Council on Energy, Environment and Water, New Delhi, India: Study related to climate change impacts on Indian Agriculture.

July 2020 - June 2022: Chairperson MBA Programme, IIM Kashipur.
June 2018 - June 2020: MBA Programme Co-Chair, IIM Kashipur.
June 2018 - June 2019: Consulting and Sponsored Projects Committee Co-Chair, IIM Kashipur.
August 2016 - April 2017: Interim Chair of the Center of Excellence in Public Policy and Government, IIM Kashipur.
June 2016 - August 2017: Admission Chair, IIM Kashipur.
August 2015 - June 2016: Admission Co-Chair, IIM Kashipur.