Assistant Professor Organizational Behavior & Human Resource +91-7900444090 (Ext-208)

Dr Devjani Chatterjee is currently working as an assistant professor with the Indian Institute of Management Kasshipur.  Dr. Devjani has completed her Ph.D. in behavioral sciences from the industrial and management engineering department of IIT Kanpur. She has a first-class in Master's degree and also was a 10 pointer in her coursework in college. She teaches Organizational Behaviour, Managing Organizational Change, Diversity and inclusion at Workplace, and many other thought-provoking and necessary courses in the MBA curriculum. Apart from teaching, she was and is holding many important administrative roles like the position of Chairperson, of student affairs for the last 3 years at IIM Kashipur and with few others controlled the COVID impact in her campus and was successful in keeping the campus almost COVID free fighting against all odds.

She was also the Presiding Officer of the Internal Complaints Committee of IIM Kashipur and was released after the completion of full-term tenure of three years. She was also the convenor of the disciplinary committee at IIM Kashipur, COVID monitoring steering committee member, MBA and MBA Analytics committee member to name a few of her many other important roles. Apart from teaching and administrative roles, she is also a popular researcher in her field of change and innovation. She worked as a researcher at the Commonwealth Business Council, London in the area of innovation. She regularly publishes research articles in international academic journals of repute and prestige and also serves as the reviewer of journals of prestigious publication houses.

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Chair- Student Affairs : July 2019- June 2022