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Dr. Vivek Roy earned his Ph.D in Operations Management from the Indian Institute of Management Raipur. He also holds a Masters in Production Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi.

His research primarily revolves around diverse frontiers in Operations and Supply Chain Management to address the interactions between global value chains, operations strategy, engineering and technology management, logistics management, purchasing and supply management, servitization, and sustainability. He further explores secondary areas of sustainable production and consumption, food safety and consumers, and higher education policy.

His works in the area of sustainable supply chain management from his Ph.D thesis that appeared in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management and Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management have often been referred to as seminal contributions by scholars in their citations. He has also published in top-tier outlets such as International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Logistics Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, Research in Transportation Business and Management and Journal of Consumer Behaviour. He also serves on the Editorial Board of Management Decision. Furthermore, he reviews frequently for about 14 renowned journals in the domain of operations and supply chain management including two titles from the prestigious FT 50.

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  • Roy, V., Mitra, S. K., Chattopadhyay, M., & Sahay, B. S. (2018). Facilitating the extraction of extended insights on logistics performance from the logistics performance index dataset: A two-stage methodological framework and its application. Research in Transportation Business & Management, 28, 23-32.
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  • Roy, V., Sahay, B. S., & Charan, P. (2017). Akshaya Patra (Bhilai): purchasing and supply management. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 7(1).


Operations Strategy (Elective)
Logistics Management (Elective)
Purchasing and Supply Management (Elective)
Service Supply Chain Management (Elective)
Operations and Supply Chain Management (Core)


Empirical and Qualitative Models in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Serves on the Editorial Board of Management Decision, a renowned journal published by Emerald.

Chair - Experiential Learning

Member of Doctoral Commitee.

Member of Research Committee.