Creative Studios

About Creative Studios

The Cell is a blend of designers and vendor managers who are in charge of meeting the diverse merchandising needs of the student body in collaboration with outside stakeholders. The events and activities organized by us are geared toward encouraging students to be innovative and creative, learn how to use a variety of design software, and comprehend the fundamentals of design.

Each year, we produce more than 1500 designs and work with a huge network of 52+ vendors across India to get them onto merchandise. Vendor managers utilise their negotiating skills to get the best deals while engaging with vendors to place orders for goods.


Akash Kumar Rai

Akshay Mistry

Arunima Singh

Faraz Kotwal

Kanika Singh

Manoj Kumar Rajpoot

Nikhil Markad

Shriya Talkar

Sujeet Kumar

Vankudoth Prashanth


Events Conducted

Inktober is a weekly artistic challenge held throughout the month of October to help students relax, energize, and put themselves in the shoes of an artist.

Utilising a combination of merchandise that takes into account the specific needs of the student body for various events and activities to establish a brand link for IIM Kashipur.

The Agnitraya design team receives assistance from the Creative Studios in a number of areas, including design tools, sizing for huge banners, and understanding design principles. To meet or share the experience of creating, designing any product necessity, we align with nearly every other student body at any given time.

Additionally, The Cell strives to offer college students and graduates cool apparel, including official batch Hoodies, T-shirts, and other goodies. IIM Kashipur alumni are encouraged to purchase special clothing and accessories through the Campus Mall website. These items are sent throughout India and are offered for order all year long.