Prep Cell

About Prep Cell

 The primary goal of Prep Cell is to prepare the batch for placements, while also helping in enhancing the skill sets and building competencies.


  1. Mentorship: Junior batch students were assigned mentors from prep cell members, and these mentors were responsible to guide each student on resume and skill building process.
  2. Dossier Preparatory Sessions: Sessions were taken by different academic clubs to help the junior batch to get familiar with the different domains of the MBA course.
  3. Resume Preparation: Junior batch was guided to get familiar with the resume format and what type of content can be filled in the resume.
  4. Personal Interview: Mock interviews were taken to give some confidence and constructive feedback to the junior batch for their summer placements.
  5. Group Discussion: Mock GDs were conducted to make the junior batch accustomed to the Group discussions and were given suggestions and areas of improvement as part of the placement preparation process
  6. Warchest exercise: Warchest exercise was organized to make the junior batch aware of different industries of the market and roles available in those industries.


Adrika Agrawal

Ankit Verma

Athul A S

Chandni Kaundilya

Sai Vishwa Kiran V

Saloni Jain