Sponsorship Cell

Sponsorship Cell

Amidst the academic rigour that is a mandate in MBA, what keeps the campus alive are the extravagant events that take place on the campus. Some of these events include but are not limited to Kacofonia, Kashipur Premier league, Coalescence, TEDx and the most-awaited and prodigious event of them all, our annual flagship event, Agnitraya. These events do leave us mesmerised, but what lies behind making them humongous and full of excitement are their sponsors. The exciting cash prizes and goodies always push us a step forward to try our luck with all our effort at these events. We, at the sponsorship cell, are solely responsible for bringing these sponsors to the table by striking agreements with them. The names you hear like Safexpress, SBI, PNB, AVEO, Redbull, LIC, Parx and others as sponsors of events as IIM Kashipur are the epitome of our persistent hard work throughout the years. Sponsorship cell aids in making the events bigger, brighter and better through organising more funds for the events by acquiring new sponsors and maintaining its relationships with old sponsors. We aim to extend the reach of both our institute and its sponsors.

What we do:

  • Acquire new sponsors for events and further build relationships with existing sponsors
  • Extend the reach of our sponsors through promotion on various social media handles
  • Convert leads to potential sponsors by emphasising upon deliverables from our side

Chairperson:  Dr. Somnath Chakrabarti


Akash Garg

Aman Kumar Jha

Avinash Gautam


Chetan Singh Maurya

Himanshu Dayani

Kore Swathi

Riya Jaiswal

Sahil Jaiswal



Event name: Parx Campus Connect

Description:  A talent hunt program was organized in coordination with the Parx group wherein performers rocked the stage with their singing skills. The event saw active participation across both batches and was flooded with roars and cheers throughout. The 4-hour event saw mesmerizing performances from some of the finest singers and musicians of the batch

Event name: Kashipur Premier League sponsored by Red bull

Description: Sports Committee conducted Kashipur premier league in which students are auctioned and participate in various sports activities. Red bull sponsored this event and provided merchandises to all the winners and runner up of the events

Event name: Green Ideation 2.0

Description:  The Ecology Club in collaboration with Sponsorship Cell hosted the second edition of Green Ideation 2.0 – National Level Case Study Competition, sponsored by SBI, through which they challenged the participants to come up with the most innovative and implementable solutions for the provided case, which were based on real-life problems related to change in environment and challenges faced by banks and strategies ahead.

Event name: Agnitraya

Description:  Agnitraya is the annual cultural fest of IIM Kashipur where different student bodies host different inter college sports, cultural and management events. Sponsorship Cell helped in bringing over 35 sponsors in the year 21-22, which helped in making Agnitraya 8.0 a grand success.

Event name: Campus2Home by Safexpress

Description:  Campus2Home is Safexpress’s customized solution for the delivery of student’s personal belongings (Books, Clothing etc.). Sponsorship Cell negotiated best prices for the services where Safexpress provided door 2 door delivery to all the pin codes in India.