Xtatic-Dance Club

About Xtatic-Dance Club

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
― Martha Graham

Dance provides a channel to let your soul break free and find ecstasy amidst the hectic MBA life. Being the latest addition to the IIM Kashipur fraternity and with activities like dance workshops and events like Chote Miyan Bade Miyan and Muqabla, our vision is to instill the love for the performing art, encourage participation, and help more people unleash their potential and dance their hearts out!

We the clique of entertainers represent IIM Kashipur in various inter B-School dance competitions and actively engaging in college events and celebrations. We follow a simple life mantra- keep dancing if you are happy, start dancing if you are dispirited.

Be ecstatic, stay ecstatic!

Chairperson: Prof. Shobha Tewari


Anchal Gupta

Chinmai Kolli

Kanchan Singh

Komali Lanka

Krishna Chaitanya

Krupali Ahir

Swapnil Gupta


Paper Dance: Paper Dance competition is an intra-college event. The event is aimed at invoking some relaxation among the students and persuading them to compete to test their compatibility and balance between the team members. The team that endures the difficulty wins the game. The exciting part of the competition will be to observe how the participants make through it.

Chote Miyan Bade Miyan: It is an intra-college event that focus on fostering healthy relationships between junior and senior batches through the medium of dancing. Students should form pairs with one senior and one junior member in each. Each team will prepare a dance routine which will encourage bonding. The best performing team wins the show.

Muqabla: It is a PAN India group dance competition organized during Agnitraya 8.0 open for all colleges, universities and dance academies. Participants could submit a 2-5-minute-long video based on the theme of Agnitraya - “Beyond Infinity” through D2C platform. The team is evaluated based on coordination, choreography, energy, expression etc.

Dance Workshops: The primary focus of organising various workshops is to encourage students to open up and get to learn basic dance moves. It also promotes learning of popular dance forms. The event aims to train the students of IIM Kashipur in different dance forms. It will be an hour session conducted by the club members on a regular basis.