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About Cultural Committee

Cultural diversity and a keen inclination towards cultural endeavours cultivate a 360° learning curve and the ability to go beyond expectations. This is indeed one of the most enviable attributes of IIM Kashipur. The Cultural Committee aimed at bringing out the best in students acts as a facilitator and catalyst that infuse the campus with fervour and excitement all around the year. Boasting a wide range of cultural events and engagements, we aid with the overall development of students and build a healthy competitive spirit among peers. In this rigorous curriculum, we also help relieve stress and provide everyone with a home away from home.

The events we host are as diverse as the people found within these hallowed walls. From various festivals to cultural battles, open-mics and bonfires to arts and tradition we are at the centre of it all. We also engage with the top universities across the country in our stellar Annual festival – Agnitraya, fostering an inimitable festive environment.


Ayush Sikdar

Bhawna Agarwal

Buddha Kinkar Bhaumik

Chinmayee Brahmankar

Diksha Sharma

Omkar Joshi

Shivam Zanjat

Shreyal Kavadiya


Vaibhav Saklani



Prarambh or the beginning of the hunt for talent is a competition between the senior and the junior batch at the onset of a new academic session. The events comprise various cultural, sports, literary and gaming contests. Towards the end, the batch with the highest consolidated score from each event is handed over the trophy as well as the bragging rights for an entire year.


Agnitraya is the annual cultural, sports and management fest of IIM Kashipur. The event witnesses a varied set of talents from different premier management institutes and other prominent colleges. Agnitraya means the three sacred fires lit to appease the Gods, and represents the three ingredients of Success - Humility, Endurance & Dedication. These ingredients are embodied in the three aspects of Agnitraya - the Humility in Culture, the Endurance in Sports and the Dedication needed in Business. The fest sees a heavy footfall, with participants upward of 1000 from more than 50 top colleges across India each year. Agnitraya ’21 also hosted Vaani Bhasin for an unplugged night, Suneet Rawat and stand-up comedian Rajat Sood for the star night.


Kacofonia is not merely a competition rather a war of pride and glory among the sections. The event conducts various competitions like singing, dancing, fashion show, stand up and treasure hunt to name a few. These competitions help the students to showcase the best of their talents in various creative aspects. Eventually, the motto is to contribute a little extra at each step to make your section reach the zenith while maintaining the virtue of true sportsmanship. The section with the highest consolidated score in the end is declared the winner and bestowed upon the right to call itself the 'supreme'.

Kashipur/Bonfire nights

At the onset of the winter season, The Cultural Committee invites the students to enjoy a night full of togetherness, sweet conversations, and a warm and soothing ambiance with a fireplace to appease the cold and foggy nights of Kashipur.


The Cultural Committee takes utmost pride in the diversity of the institute and regards it as an opportunity to propagate and spread awareness about various regional cultures. For the same, the committee celebrates oodles of festivals with absolute fervor and amity to pay respect to the heritage and traditions prevalent since time immemorial.